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There are many reasons why we would recommend a Polti Vaporetto Steam Cleaner. Here are just a few:

Ease of Use

Cleaning is made incredibly easy with the Polti Vaporetto range of steam cleaners. Steam cleaning is easier, faster and achieves better results than conventional cleaning methods.Polti Vaporetto steam cleaners use ordinary tap water heated to 150 deg C to produce "dry steam" for the effortless sanitisation of your household surfaces. The steam releases dirt and grease which is simply collected on the cotton cloth quickly and easily.All Polti Vaporetto steam cleaners come with a range of cleaning heads for easy cleaning of a multitude of surfaces.


In the kitchen, Vaporetto makes cleaning of tiled and vinyl floors effortless using the large brush and cloth or concentrator tool for the hardened dirt; the cooker hob and sink unit; and the endless number of cupboard shelves and doors. You can also easily clean large glass windows with the squeegee.In the lounge, the large brush and cloth can be attached to deep clean carpets, raise the pile and enhance the colour. The small brush and cloth make simple removal of stains to upholstery. Some fabrics such as velour and dralon and skins such as leather can be cleaned with direct application of steam from 12-18 inches away followed by a wipe clean with a cloth. Additionally; carpets, upholstery and mattresses are completely dry in a matter of minutes due to the "dry steam" delivered by the Vaporetto steam cleaner.In the bathroom; grout between tiles can be easily cleaned of mould or dirt using the concentrator tool which is also suitable for toilet rims, while the brush and cloth accessories make rapid cleaning of tiled surfaces, baths, sinks and showers.With the optional iron the appliance is transformed into Vaporella, the UK's leading steam generator iron.

Health & Environmental Benefits

When used on work surfaces Polti Vaporetto steam cleaners eliminate all germs and bacteria.Asthma-sufferers and people with respiratory problems can benefit from cleaning their homes with a Vaporetto as using Vaporetto's has been proven to kill 98% of dust mites and neutralise their allergens. Mattresses which are a favourite breeding ground of the common household dust mite can be cleaned; will be dry within minutes and free of dust mites.As steam cleaning doesn't involve using detergents you reduce the negative impact that common cleaning practices have on the environment.

Safety & Maintenance

The Polti Vaporetto features a unique Extra-AL water heater which is immune to attack from scale and doesn't require a filter. Simple rinsing of the Vaporetto tank after every few uses will remove any lime residue.All Polti Vaporetto steam cleaners have a patented safety cap designed to ensure it cannot be unscrewed while any pressure remains in the system.A unique safety feature of the Vaporetto's is the "No-Volt" steam control system switches the steam supply on and off without using any electrical connection. No other steam cleaner producer can boast this level of safety.All Polti products are produced to the highest European quality standards, including ISO9002.


Many accessories are available to enhance the versatility of the Polti Vaporetto. Please note that some accessories are included as standard with purchases from Go-Electrical or are available to buy from us.