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Small Appliances

We offer an extensive range of small kitchen appliances, including toasters, kettles, coffee makers, mixers, commercial cooking equipment and kitchenware.


Your kitchen worktops wouldn't be the same without your indispensable appliances. Many of our kitchen applicances are now available in many colours, so you can choose a gadget which matches your decor.


We are always monitoring our prices to ensure we offer great deals for superb, quality products. We only stock appliances from the very best brands, including Dualit, Magimix, KitchenAid and Bosch.

Small Kitchen Applicances


  • Toasters: Breakfast wouldn't be the same without a traditional pop up toaster. Choose from a wide variety of stylish two, three, four and six slice toasters. Defrost, warm and toast all types of bread with the Magimix Vision Toaster. This model has a glass body enabling you to see the bread toasting; ideal for ensuring each slice is cooked to perfection.


  • Kettles: Whether your kitchen is cosy and traditional or sleek and modern, we have the kettle to suit your decor. Go back in time with Le Creuset Traditional Stove Top Kettle. With many bright colours to choose from and a 2.1 litre capacity, this is the ultimate family kettle.


  • Blenders: Want to make delicious smoothies, soups and sauces? Blenders are essential kitchen tools which sit neatly on your worktop or tucked away in a drawer. Take a look at the Dualit hand held blender with handy whish tool, a great small appliance for any kitchen.




Our wide selection of kitchenware includes many convenient gadgets to help you cook tasty snacks and meals with ease.


  • Deep Fryers: Make crispy chips, fried chicken, pastries and doughnuts in minutes with the Magimix Pro 500 Deep Fryer. The stainless steel deign and removable, folding handle makes this piece of kitchenware incredibly easy to clean.


  • Toasted Sandwich Makers: Toasty makers are great fot rustling up a tasty hot snack. With the Waring Pro Deep Filled Sandwich Maker you can also cook sweet treats, including pastries and fresh fruit.


  • Slow Cookers: The Cuisinart Digital Slow Cooker is perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Simply pop your ingredients in, rush off to work and enjoy a beautifully cooked stew, soup or casserole when you get home.