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Miele CM7300 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Black

Miele CM7300 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Black

  • Perfect milk froth for coffee specialities – Cappuccinatore
  • Perfect results and intense coffee flavour – AromaticSystem
  • Fully automatic perfection – OneTouch for Two
  • Convenient cleaning for care and mainten. – Cleaning programmes
  • Pre-warmed cups always to hand – heated cup rack

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Product Details

Introducing the Miele CM7300 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, which is a countertop coffee machine with Miele’s C Touch system - creating perfect coffee every time.

The CM7300 is programmable for a personalised coffee experience. Extra programmes are also on the machine. The machine can also be programmed to switch on or off at certain times of the day, meaning it can be ready when you wake up in the morning. With the CM7's Expert Mode, you can adjust the preparation process in great detail.

CM7 models are designed to be easy to operate and use; 'simple & intuitive' is Miele's goal. The C-Touch display has self-explanatory text to guide you. Also on board is Miele's CupSensor technology. This sensor recognises the height of the cup or mug and adjusts the central spout to suit.

With the CM7300’s Cappuccinatore you can easily achieve perfect milk froth for coffee specialities. Along with this, the CM7300 also features a soft LED light to highlight each cup of coffee as well as the best grinding system available. The conical grinding unit is specially designed to retain as much flavour as possible while providing a even and precise grind.

The CM7300 is able to dispense up to 8 cups of coffee or water at once with the programmed coffee and tea pot function. The CM7300 comes with a heated cup surface. Meaning pre-heated cups are always available to you.

Many of the coffee machine parts are dishwasher safe, meaning easy cleaning and maintenance for you thanks to Miele's ComfortClean design.

In the Eco mode, to conserve energy, the coffee machine does not heat up until just before the first beverage serving.


  • Freestanding bean-to-cup coffee machine   
  • Colour - Obsidian black
  • C Touch display

Beverage specialities

  • Espresso
  • Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Ristretto
  • Long coffee
  • Latte macchiato
  • Espresso macchiato
  • Caffè latte
  • Hot water
  • Tea pot function
  • Hot milk
  • Cappucino Italiano
  • Cafe au lait
  • Flate white
  • Long black
  • Caffe Americano
  • Water for tea
  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Herbal tea
  • Fruit tea
  • Tea pot function
  • Milk froth


  • OneTouch preparation
  • DoubleShot
  • One Touch and OneTouch for Two
  • Flavour preserving conical grinding unit
  • Second type of coffee possible using ground coffee 
  • User profiles programmable - 8
  • Grinding grade selectable
  • Ground quantity programmable
  • Water quantity programmable
  • Water temperature programmable
  • Amount of milk can be programmed
  • Amount of milk froth can be programmed
  • Pre-brewing programmable
  • Coffee pot function

User convenience

  • Choice of language
  • CupSensor
  • Height adjustment of infinitely adjustable central spout in cm – 8 - 16
  • Heated cup storage area
  • BrilliantLight
  • Easily accessible containers
  • Capacity of coffee bean container in g - 500
  • Capacity of water container in litre – 2.2
  • Capacity of waste container in capsules - 14-16
  • Programmable switch-on time
  • Programmable switch-off time
  • Programmable stand-by time
  • Expert mode
  • Clock batter backup in hours - 200
  • System lock

Cleaning convenience

  • Convenient cleaning programmes
  • Automatic rinse function
  • Automatic rinsing of the milk pipework from the water container
  • ComfortClean
  • Removable milk pipework     
  • Removable brew unit

Efficiency and sustainability

  • Energy-saving Eco mode option

Technical data

  • Niche width in mm – 510
  • Niche height in mm - 550
  • Niche depth in mm - 575
  • Appliance width in mm - 311
  • Appliance depth in mm - 445
  • Applicance height in mm - 397
  • Fuse rating in A - 13
  • Voltage in V - 220-240
  • Total connected load in kW – 1.5
  • Number of phases - 1
  • Length of electrical cable in metre - 1.2

Accessories included

  • Descaling agent         
  • Cleaning tablets
  • Stainless steel thermal milk flask


Obsidian Black
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Depth (cm)
2 Year

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