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Magimix 22001 Ice Cream Maker Gelato Chef White

Magimix 22001 Ice Cream Maker Gelato Chef White
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Product Description

The Magimix 'Gelato Chef' 2200 is the top of the range model with the built-in freezer unit so there is no pre-freezing required. You simply turn it on, stick in the ingredients and after 20 minutes, you have ice cream!

If you want large batches of ice cream, then this is the model you definitely want. It comes with a detachable inner bowl and a paddle to make one batch, then you can do another in the fixed bowl which also has a paddle as well, this way you can make multiple batches even quicker!

Making ice cream and sorbets is a great way to treat not only you, but friends and family as well! With the Magimix 'Gelato Chef' 2200 you are able to do this so effortlessly with the easy-to-clean parts and with the paddle motor, you can just simply pour in the ingredients to make the ice cream, no fussing around.