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TV & Radio

TV and Radio


We offer a wide selection of TV and radio accessories that are perfect for ensuring you have the best gadgets for your home entertainment system.


Never miss your favourite programmes again with our HD digital recording systems. These Digiboxes offer a convenient and cheaper alternative to Sky. With a wide range of channels and a 500 GB HDD (Hard Disc Drive) home entertainment will never be the same again.


We also supply televisions, portable radios, speakers, ear phones, docking systems, cables and leads, as well as AV accessories to help you hook up your new system with ease. 



Since the 1950s, the television has been a centrepiece in homes and is a powerful medium for moulding public opinion. Televisions have moved on a great deal since their invention in the late 1920s and are no longer just used for watching programmes and movies.  


With our Samsung 3D LED Smart Television, you can browse the internet and download a range of apps, including social networking sites, games and fitness features.  The evolution kit also allows you to upgrade your television without having to replace the whole set.


Samsung television 3D technology brings a cinematic experience into the home, and remote controls are a thing of the past thanks to the revolutionary voice and motion control system.



Speakers and Ear Phones

Enjoy high quality sound from your music and movies with our range of top brand speakers and ear phones. Our Pure S-1 speakers are available in maple and cherry wood finishes, adding a stylish touch to any lounge or entertainment room.


Ear phones are great for listening to music on the go. Our Sennheiser ear phones are available in black and white to match your MP3 player. These ear canal designs can be adapted to fit comfortably within your ear. The finger contoured feature allows you to easily alter the volume and bass.



Portable Radios

Our selection of portable radios includes compact, funky and stylish designs which are ideal for your home, kitchen, garden, garage or workplace.


The Roberts Rugged Poolside Radio is completely waterproof and perfect for listening to your favourite station whilst camping, by the pool, on the boat or in the garden. Twin loud speakers provide superb sound quality and can be either mains or battery operated.