Wine Storers and Coolers

Wine Cooler and Storage units are becoming increasing popular for the storage of wine at home. Some good reasons for investing in a wine storage cabinet include:

  • provides a suitable environment for your wines to mature to perfection
  • allows wines to grow both in quality of taste and value
  • ensures that wines purchased for short-term storage are served at the right temperature to develop their full flavour and aroma. Red wines are often served too warm resulting in an overwhelming taste of alcohol, and whites too cold; the excessive chilling masks the true taste of the wine.

Creating a suitable home environment for your wines is crucial both to optimise the taste of the wine and your enjoyment when drinking it.

The Liebherr range of electric wine coolers available from Go-Electrical includes wine storage cabinets for long-term storage (the WK Series) and multi-temperature wine storage cabinets for storage of ready-to-drink bottles at their respective serving temperatures (the WT series). All units purchased from Go-Electrical come with a 2 year manufacturer¹s warranty.

Liebherr Wine Storage Cabinets

Liebherr wine storage cabinets are ideal for storing wines for long periods of time to allow them to mature to perfection. With a constant supply of fresh air via activated charcoal filters and re-circulated air cooling, these appliances guarantee consistently high air quality during the maturing process. Specially developed compressors ensure that the wines are stored undisturbed.

Liebherr Multi Temperature Wine Storage Cabinets

In a Liebherr multi-temperature wine cooler you can bring your wines to the ideal drinking temperature slowly and evenly. What is special about Liebherr multi-temperature wine cabinets is that red wines, white wines and even champagne can be stored at the same time at the optimum drinking temperature in the five temperature zones offered by these appliances. The temperatures can be adjusted with an external control to suit your requirements, within the five temperature zones.

Summary of common features in Liebherr Wine Storage Cabinets:

  • Re-circulated air cooling delivering a constant fresh air supply via activated charcoal filters;
  • Compressors and fans optimised for noise and vibration;
  • Constant temperature, adjustable from the outside between +5°C to +18°C (Some up to +22°C);
  • Constant air humidity, between 50% and 80%, using lava stone humidifying equipment;
  • An operating panel on the top with infinitely variable temperature control and display of interior temperature;
  • Rear wall evaporator covered in attractive stainless steel-look;
  • Automatic defrosting, defrost water evaporates automatically;
  • Models are finished in attractive Bordeaux Red, or in Stainless Steel;
  • Recessed grips at top of appliance back for easier transportation;
  • Adjustable feet at front;
  • Height adjustable bottle shelves;
  • Suitable for installation in a row of kitchen units;
  • Lockable door;
  • Interchangeable door hinges.

Additional features available in some Liebherr Wine Storage Cabinets include:

  • A higher level of insulation for greater economy;
  • Elegant "SwingDesign" style door; a rounded design to enhance their attractive appearance;
  • Some models have a double-glazed tinted glass door and interior light with separate switch;
  • A safety device to protect against low temperatures;
  • Electronic controls and digital temperature display;
  • Hand-made height adjustable bottle shelves and base grid made of cherry wood;
  • An elegant slim-line door handle;
  • Child-proofing and a door alarm;
  • A cherry wood folding shelf and a stable pull-out shelf are also available as optional extras on some models.