Polti 600

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Once you've tried ironing with the Polti 600 steam generator iron, you'll never go back to a regular iron again. 

The steam created by the Polti 600 helps the iron to literally glide through clothes with the minimum effort on your part. Other irons require pushing and pummelling to encourage stubborn creases to come out but with the Polti 600, you only need to touch the iron to the fabric to begin seeing great results.

The Polti 600 can be up and running in just 3 minutes so there's no extra fuss when you use a steam generator iron. The base unit can be easily stored away in a cupboard or drawer when the iron's not in use but the sleek design means there's no reason not to keep it out in the kitchen or laundry room all the time. Shirts and trousers can be transformed from creased balls of crumpled fabric, into good-as-new, wrinkle-free clothing in no time at all.

The Polti 600 makes short work of your ironing pile by creating a high steam pressure at the very tip of the iron plate. A burst of steam blasts through wrinkles and the then the rest of the iron plate ensures that they don't come back. It's a simple technique that will take away the dread of the ironing pile once and for all and ensure all your clothes are pressed to perfection.

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