Polti Steam Irons

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Polti has a range of steam irons that are dedicated to taking the hard work and hassle out of ironing. With their concentrated steam power and carefully considered designs, Polti steam irons are known in the industry for producing consistently good results.

Most irons rely on the repeated action of pushing the plate backwards and forwards over the clothes to iron out the wrinkles. The difference with Polti steam irons is that the concentrated jets of steam act on the problem areas instantly, the heat ensuring that creases are smoothed out whilst the rest of the iron smoothes the fabric to make the effect last.

Polti steam irons are available in a number of different designs and with different features. When you are selecting your Polti steam iron, you should consider the type of ironing you do. For example, if you have to iron a lot of pure cotton work shirts with stubborn creases, you might choose a more powerful model. If you're looking for an everyday product, you might select a more compact Polti steam iron that can be kept out in the kitchen all the time. Whatever you decide, you can be sure that there is a Polti product that is perfect for your particular requirements. After all, the company has been supplying household appliances to happy customers for over 30 years.